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Welcome to the Flood Aware Wiki. This wiki is in development, to describe expertise about flooding, water safety and self-reliance. The wiki is an initiative of the Province of Zeeland, a partner in the European project Flood Aware and HZ University of Applied Sciences (HZ). The development of the wiki is a co-production with other parties, and will continue to grow with new expertise. A wiki is a web application in which articles are collected. People can add information, write articles, read and share information.

Be prepared!

How to read the wiki

You can access the wiki, through the menu on the left side of this window, through UK entrance for readers interested in how the UK government deals with flood awareness. Similarly, a Nederlands ingang and a Vlaamse ingang have been created to cater for the Dutch and Flemish oriented audience. In the visual maps all stakeholders are summarized in boxes, each box represents a ‘context’ for example ‘Citizen’ or ‘City Council’. For each stakeholder you can see the activities and responsibilities within the crisis management process.

Project Flood Aware

Flooding may have different causes, but will always have a great impact on society as a whole. A lot of experience, knowledge and expertise on preparedness and how to deal with the impact is present within regions prone to flooding.

The Province of Zeeland (the Netherlands), Somerset County Council (UK) and the Agency for Maritime and Coastal Services - Coastal Division (Belgium) have strong flood and water management profiles and reputations. Therefore they have combined their strengths in this Interreg 2 Seas project: Flood Aware. Together with citizens and businesses the project partners will make information on flooding accessible, co-operating with people to take the right measures.


Because every region has different characteristics, the approach in the different countries also differs. Each participating country chose a way to co-operate with citizens in their area. In Somerset the focus was on people living in the countryside, in Belgium the focus was on school programs and children. In The Netherlands businesses were involved in flood risk management. This was mainly done by sharing information, and discussing the topic on a European level.

Citizens en companies based in flood prone areas, can take measures to minimise the effects of an actual flood. But how can one stimulate people to do so? What communication tools can be used? What should the central message be? Experience from the past show that mass campaigns have little effect. A regional approach shows better results as described in a method to set up regional campaigns. The method is based on quantitative research and three pilot projects.

The background of the wiki

The Flood Aware wiki is a semantic wiki. A wiki with a backbone structure, for capturing expertise about water safety. With the Expertise Management Methode (EMM), the expertise is derived from the different stakeholders, structured and summarized in articles. With this method, experts incorporate the good and bad practices in the wiki system. The various parties are all knowledgeable on the topic of flooding. The wiki visualizes which processes and actions worked in flood management, and which did not. This helps to improve the system and learn together on a European level.


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